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First Day In Lloret de Mar, Spain

By Shaun Guimond

on Tue Oct 01 2019

Caroline and I arrived in Lloret de Mar, Spain on September 30, 2019. Though it was our first day in Spain, I will mostly write about our first full day which was on October 1, 2019. On September 1, 2019, we were exhausted from planning, preparing and completing our wedding. We had very little sleep before we left for our three month honeymoon in Europe the very next day of the wedding. So when we landed in Spain, we took the bus to our Airbnb in Lloret de Mar, did the groceries, ate quickly and fell asleep; for 13 hours.

October 1, 2019

On October 1, 2019, our first full day in Lloret de Mar Spain, we woke up at 10 AM and ate our regular breakfast of toast with peanut butter with some Oatly. We prepared ourselves and went to the beach which is less than a 5 minute walk from our Airbnb.

Beach in Platja de Fenals.

Platja de Fenals

The nearby beach is named Platja de Fenals and is a beautiful white pebble sand beach with plenty of amenities.

Beautiful tree growing on some hard rocks with Platja de Fenals in the background.

We decided to take it easy and walked along the beach on a cobblestone path. Exploring the area and taking in the nearby attractions. There were boats for rent, scuba diving, etc.

Diving area near Platja de Fenals.
Diving area near Platja de Fenals.

There are plenty of natural attractions which we kept a note of such as a botanical garden, forest walking paths and though not natural a nearby ancient fort. We plan on exploring more of those in the next few days.

Along the walking path of Platja de Fenals.
Along the walking path of Platja de Fenals.

After exploring, we enjoyed reading on the beach so as to not wear ourselves out. I read What I Wish I Knew Before Learning to Code by Ali Spittel which is a short, but fantastic eBook about some key things people should know when they are trying to learn how to code.

Beautiful tree near Lloret de Mar.

Dinner and Gelato

After reading for a bit in the baking sun, we returned to our room to eat dinner. We ate Pesto Pasta with Lentils and drank some red, Spanish wine. After eating, we dressed up for the night time in Spain and went for a walk to downtown Lloret de Mar where we found plenty of stores and ate some fantastic Gelato.

Downtown street in Lloret de Mar.
Downtown street in Lloret de Mar.
Side street in Lloret de Mar.
Side street in Lloret de Mar.

We then returned to our room and enjoyed another small glass of wine on our patio, planning the next few days of adventures.


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