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Shaun Guimond
Shaun Guimond
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Project Summary

The project’s focus was to learn the principal elements of developing a first-person shooter in Unreal Engine 5. It focused on learning how to implement character movement, combat elements, enemy AI, environment design and managing game modes.

The project was aided by a tutorial purchased from GameDev. To gain the most out of the tutorial, I started by doing each step of the tutorial before watching how the problem was solved. This allowed me to find my own solution and then to learn their solution to many challenges.

Project Goals

  • Character Movement
    • Adding character controls and movement.
    • implementing animation blueprints.
    • Implementing animation state machines.
    • Added a flashlight to be used in darker areas.
  • The Drone (Enemy)
    • Implementing patrolling for the drones.
    • Implemented rotation and location blueprints for chasing the player character.
    • Added patrolling.
    • Created drone attack and death.
  • Combat
    • Implemented basic game functions such as:
      • Health
      • Ammo
    • Added automatic, burst and single fire options for the weapon.
  • Environment
    • Created a dark-night city-scape environment.
    • Added lighting to assets to create streetlights.
    • Added fire particles and detritus to elevate the mood of the environment.
  • Game Mode
    • Created states for each element of the player session.
    • Displayed a health bar that increases and decreases as required.
    • Displayed the player character’s current ammo.
    • Display the remaining drones in a level.

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