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My Favorites of 2019

2019 was a fantastic year of learning, challenges and successes. I read some new fantastic novels, I enjoyed new and old songs and learned a ton from some of my favorite podcasts. Please enjoy the list I have made of my favorites of 2019. Books For the last few years, I have been keeping track […]

First Day In Lloret de Mar, Spain

Caroline and I arrived in Lloret de Mar, Spain on September 30, 2019. Though it was our first day in Spain, I will mostly write about our first full day which was on October 1, 2019. On September 1, 2019, we were exhausted from planning, preparing and completing our wedding. We had very little sleep […]

Easy Dark Theme Using Only CSS

As I was exploring Twitter today, I came upon what I believe to be the easiest way to add a dark theme to a website using only CSS. When I had previously explored how to add a dark theme to a website, I had only ever found ways of doing so with JavaScript. I thought […]

Navigating the Online Storefront

The three pillars of a successful online presence The physical storefront, office or commercial location is a necessity for almost any business. Business leaders will fuss over the look, the location, the amenities available for clients, etc. What I have often found is that most business leaders pay more attention to the physical storefront compared […]

Benefits to Consolidating Leases

For many growing businesses, the decision to lease new assets is an easy one. They need the assets for operations, their needs as a growing company can change dramatically in a short span of time and in the current, fast-paced, technological climate, purchasing new assets which may quickly become obsolete can be risky. On the […]

Growth Through Travel

The last month has been very hectic. Caroline, my fiancé, was offered a job working as a dietitian in Vernon, BC a little over a month ago. Having lived exclusively in New-Brunswick, it was a big decision for us to move to any province, let alone, to the other coast. We had been hoping for […]