The Last Laugh – 2024 Vancouver Game Jam

Shaun Guimond
Shaun Guimond
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Project Summary

As a team of 6, we created a narrative, 2d side-scroller using the Godot game engine. As project lead of our team of beginners, my role was to ensure a feasible project scope based on a very tight deadline, to provide training and guidance when other members were stuck on difficult challenges, and to program the movement and animations of the playable characters and enemies.

Game Description

Welcome to Laugh Angeles. A world where a notorious comedian holds the last laugh. What remains is a desolate landscape of awkward silences and problematic statements.

You’ve taken it upon yourself to BOO! all the rats away. To do so, you will have to collect the tomato-ey sentiments of the despondent crowds and deliver them on stage to Ratt Rofe in a battle of comedic proportions.

Get ready to jump, sling and splat.

Good luck! The city’s happiness depends on your confidence.

Team Members

TeammatesBachelor of Computer Science Students
Shaun (@shaunguimond)Boosting Noobs Since 2024 Leader
Fred (@fsunstrum)Tomato Throwing Clutch Coder
Hedie (@mistysky04)Pixel Perfect Perspective Portraiture 
Helena (@hesoru)Bigger is Better Background Level Designer 
Rachelle (@chellexra)Witty Writer of One Liners
Annie (@ayqya)Git Good Asset Animator

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Shaun Guimond
Shaun Guimond
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Shaun Guimond
Shaun Guimond